Your Food Safety & Quality Assurance Team

We couldn’t be prouder of our commitment to quality assurance

Some are surprised by our extensive QA Department, but the level of stringent inspections and testing we undertake demands a substantial team of QA experts. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Accountable, responsible, ethical and safe

We monitor, analyse and test every single raw ingredient, customised sample and finished product in our facility for quality, traceability and safety. Our consistent QA performance is proven with accreditations from Safe Food, HACCP & GMP, Eat Safe and SQF, among others.

  • Every ingredient is sourced only from approved and trusted suppliers
  • Our ordering and warehousing approach ensures only the freshest ingredients are used in your products
  • We maintain a HACCP Program that is independently audited by several industry-recognised associations

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Earlee Products Food Scientist testing ingrediants