Earlee Control

Clean Label Anti-Microbial Solutions

Earlee Products is at the forefront of clean label anti-microbial solutions – from food processing and ingredient applications, to machinery and interiors. Our innovations can be customised to suit your specific products and processes, while delivering food safety outcomes naturally without compromising on quality, flavour or texture.

Processing / Earlee Control range

Earlee Control is the proven way to minimise bacteria risk in food processing. This innovative, high-performance range provides the highest level of defence against Listeria and microbial activity. Our proprietary formulation offers a completely clean and clear label solution that prevents the growth of foodborne pathogens in food products. Our range includes:
Flav®Fresh & Flav®Fresh Rapid – Safe, clean label dipping solutions for cooked or marinated food products that deliver anti-microbial protection
Listerbloc – A blend of anti-bacterial food ingredients formulated to prevent the growth of gram-positive pathogenic and spoilage bacteria, yeasts and moulds
Oreginal – An innovative, non-allergenic and anti-microbial clean-label ingredient that naturally replaces sulphur dioxide in fresh meat products

Machinery & Interiors / Earlee Control range

Our unique Earlee Control range offers food manufacturers proven, high-performance defence against the growth of Listeria and microbial activity in machinery and interiors. These clean label anti-microbial solutions are convenient, easy to apply, completely safe for employees, and deliver multiple functional benefits. Our Machinery and Interior range includes:
Listerbloc Lube – A blend of highly functional starch and innovative anti-microbials that provides superior Listeria, bacterial, yeast and mould protection in processes meats and seafood
Listerbloc SWF – A spray/fog solution for the control of Listeria and microbial activity on floors, walls and doors in food preparation areas.

OREGINAL – Natural preservative

This proprietary Earlee Products innovation is a non-allergenic, anti-microbial clean-label ingredient that naturally replaces sulphur dioxide (metabisulphite) in fresh meat products. A safe, food-based alternative, Oreginal is a unique functional blend of herb and plant extracts that maintains the product integrity and can also extend shelf-life. This superior solution provides high-level protection against Listeria and microbial activity in food processing. It is suitable for:
Raw meats such as chicken, beef, pork or lamb, that are either marinated or will be further processed before sale
Fresh sausages
Burgers, rissoles and meatballs

BUTTER BURST RANGE – Portioned or bulk flavoured sauces

Earlee Products’ celebrated Butter Bursts range was created to add value to your meat products and give you a competitive advantage. Natural, flavourful and incredibly versatile, Butter Bursts are designed to be added food products at the final cooking stage. They can be used for savoury or sweet applications, and are available in a variety of convenient formats (including frozen), and portion-controlled sizes.
Our full range includes:
Butter Burst Medallions – Convenient portions that easily add value and taste to meat or seafood products
Butter Burst Cores – Butter inserts with customised seasonings that enhance the flavour, texture and juiciness of individual roast meats, seafood or protein alternatives
Butter Burst Cheese Melts – Tasty, fast cheese melts in customised flavours for your burgers, pasta and bakery products
Butter Burst Sauce Concentrates – With these quick, convenient bases that contain only five ingredients, you can create the perfect sauce consistency and taste every time

Baconvenience® – Premium Australian bacon pieces (SSF Higher Welfare bacon)

Our revolutionary Baconvenience® innovation offers the ultimate versatility, convenience and value-adding potential. These ready-to-use, quality shoulder bacon pieces are supplied in chilled or ambient formats. Gluten-free and containing no MSG, Baconvenience® can be used as either an ingredient or a garnish, adding flavour and interest to a broad range of dishes. The range is available in several flavours, cut sizes and pack sizes..
Baconvenience® can be used as an ingredient or garnish for:
Quiches and pies
Muffins and other savoury bakery products
Any savoury dish that would be enhanced with the addition of full-flavoured bacon pieces

STRADBROKE HONEY POWDER – Made with 100% Australian honey

This Earlee Products innovation is made from the highest quality Australian honey. Spray-dried for ultimate convenience, Stradbroke Honey Powder is 100% soluble and can be used to add sweetness and transfer a premium honey flavour across a wide variety of food and pharmaceutical applications. Some of these include:
Meal and drink bases
Snack food products
Biscuits and breakfast cereals
Pre-mixes for bakery and dairy products, meat, poultry and smallgoods
Pharmaceutical preparations such as cough lozenges

Schinkentec® – Cured extended shelf-life ham technology

Schinkentec® is Earlee Products’ proprietary curing system innovation for hams. This breakthrough technology in ham processing ensures 12-months chilled shelf life. Schinkentec® is a unique, two-stage system incorporating a cure that’s injected into the ham before cooking, and a dip that’s applied after cooking. This combination provides enhanced natural preservation qualities that can’t be achieved by standard cures. By following our guidelines, your double-smoking process will impart a rich colour into the ham and will result in a superior, natural taste and flavour. Schinkentec® technology contains no added gluten, soybean, starch or MSG, and has reduced salt and sugar.

PEARL RANGE – Natural meat bonding agents

Minimising food wastage is a key focus for food manufacturers. Cutting primal meat, poultry or seafood into appealing portions often results in offcuts that are too small or the wrong shape to sell whole. Earlee Products’ bonding agent innovation, Pearl, minimises wastage and delivers higher yields. This range include:
Pearl E – An edible, natural and flavourless powder that bonds raw, non-symmetrical, primal meat cuts for better steak portion control
Pearl G – A classic sodium-alginate/calcium salt reaction that bonds meat pieces together
Pearl T – An enzyme-based, cold-set meat bonding system that bonds non-symmetrical primal meat cuts for better steak portion control