What are you having for breakfast?

At Earlee Products we aim to keep ahead of market trends by regularly assessing what’s available in the retail space. This month we focused on high protein ‘on-the-go’ breakfast options in supermarkets, petrol stations and convenience stores. When we conducted our field research, we found very few options… and it got us thinking.

“Is there a gap in the market, and how can we partner with our customers to fill this opportunity and grow together?”

Trish Lindeman, Earlee Products, R&D Manager

The Local Market Scan

A review of the local market revealed a surprising small number of protein-based breakfast options, given our knowledge of the wide range available in overseas markets.

Primo Bacon
Carman’s Protein Bars
My Muscle Chef

Primo Scrambled Eggs

Aussie Chicken Tenders

Chobani Fit Yogurt

Is Australia falling behind rest of the world?

A review of the overseas market revealed a wide range of brands and products focused on growing this day part of the convenience-based meal market. The ‘all-day breakfast’ protein-based concept appears to be a large proportion of the market, taking sales from more traditional day parts.

The local high protein lunch and dinner options

We also assessed high protein convenience for lunch and dinner options, finding many great choices for snacking, lunch and dinner, but not many breakfast options. Many of the current concepts and packaging could be easily used for breakfast options.

How can we help you fill the breakfast gap?

  • Pre-mixes for sausages, mini meatballs, nuggets etc.
  • Portioned sauce options for wraps, burritos or quesadillas.
  • Bacon pieces for inclusion in snack packs.
  • Marinades and rubs for cooked breakfast, high protein options.

Let us help you fill the breakfast gap. Contact us!

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