Today’s consumers expect more from hams, bacon and smallgoods. They want gourmet-flavoured sausages that are lower in fat and free from gluten and preservatives. They expect natural, superior tasting ham with a longer shelf-life. They’re searching for frankfurts, pepperoni and kabanas that have exactly the right colour, flavour, texture and mouthfeel. Whatever your consumers are demanding, we can customise a better result.

How can we customise a better smallgoods outcome for you?

Clean label products

We’ll help you capitalise on the growing trend for more sustainable, natural and healthy smallgoods. We can simplify your ingredient list, replace e-numbers and customise the ideal clean label product which also delivers optimal taste and performance.

Clean label anti-microbial solutions

Earlee Products’ breakthrough proprietary clean label anti-microbial solutions improve the food safety outcomes of smallgoods products, while enhancing quality, flavour and texture.

Improve taste & texture

Our range of customised functional dry premixes and moisture infusers improve the tenderness, texture and taste of smallgoods, sausages and hamburgers, while preserving product integrity.

Allergen control

We can help you meet consumer demand for ‘free-from’ or ‘allergen-controlled’ smallgoods that are flavoursome and healthy. Find out how we can customise innovative alternatives that cater for an extensive range of dietary intolerances.

Improve nutritional ingredient profile

To effectively respond to healthier food trends, food manufacturers are driven to develop products with better nutritional profiles. From reduced salt or fat, to increased fibre or protein, Earlee Products can deliver a healthier alternative.

Reduce waste

If waste is impacting your business’ profitability, we can help you. Leverage our experience in reducing waste across ingredients, product formulation and processing methodologies.

Extend shelf life

Extending the shelf life of your bacon, ham or other smallgoods can increase profitability and optimise product integrity through your distribution channels. Our proprietary curing technology and clean label anti-microbial range deliver safe, quality products with longer shelf lives.

Improve yield

We have the proven expertise to improve the functionality of smallgoods to avoid unnecessary wastage. Our quality ingredients, blends and formulations will help improve your margins and profitability. And our proprietary injectable freeze-thaw stable allergen-free starch has been specifically designed for smallgoods production.

Improve processing

Our holistic knowledge of the food manufacturing industry means we can look for opportunities to streamline your manufacturing processes to achieve optimal cost-efficiencies, save time and improve food outcomes.

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