Sauces and Marinades

We’re always looking for opportunities to help our partners add value to their products. As well as creating appealing and contemporary flavour combinations that reflect the latest consumer trends, our approach to sauces and marinades also focuses on streamlining your manufacturing processes to drive cost-efficiencies and profitability.

Wet Sauces & Marinades

Earlee Products can create the perfect sauce or marinade to enhance the texture, flavour and colour of your sweet or savoury food products. The flavour combinations, particulate inclusions, functionality and formats are customised to your exact needs. Our completely tailored packaging options range from 50g individual sachets, to 20kg buckets, right through to bulk containers in ambient, chilled or frozen formats. Examples of our range are:

  • Finishing sauces and glazes suitable for various cooking formats
  • Liquid marinades, both ambient-stable and refrigerated

Butter Burst Range

Earlee Products’ celebrated Butter Bursts range has been created to add value to your meat products and give you a competitive advantage. Natural, flavourful and incredibly versatile, Butter Bursts can be used for savoury or sweet applications and are available in a variety of convenient formats (including frozen), and portion-controlled sizes. Our full range includes:

  • Butter Burst Medallions
  • Butter Burst Cores
  • Butter Burst Cheese Melts
  • Butter Burst Sauce Concentrates