The increasing popularity and consumption of salads is driving food manufacturers to optimise the appeal and safety of their products to remain competitive in the market. Earlee Products can collaborate with you to customise a better salad outcome, such as adding full-flavoured, pre-cut and portion-controlled bacon pieces as a garnish, or innovative sprinkles that add crunch, visual appeal and flavour. Our clean label innovations also extend the shelf life of leaf salads and provide high-level microbial protection.

How can we customize a better salad outcome for you?

Clean label anti-microbial solutions

Earlee Products’ breakthrough proprietary clean label anti-microbial solutions improve the food safety outcomes of salads, while enhancing quality, flavour, appearance and texture.

Improve taste & texture

Our range of customised sprinkles improves the appearance, texture and taste of salads, without affecting product integrity. Easily enhance the value and interest of leaf salads with our premium Baconvenience® bacon pieces.

Improve nutritional ingredient profile

To effectively respond to healthier food trends, food manufacturers are challenged to develop products with better nutritional profiles. From reduced salt or sugar, to increased fibre or protein, Earlee Products can deliver a healthier alternative.

Extend shelf life

Extending the shelf life of your salads can increase profitability and optimise product integrity through your distribution channels. Our proprietary clean label anti-microbial range deliver safe, quality products with longer shelf lives.