While food manufacturers must deliver more desirable products to establish a point of difference and remain competitive in the market, they must also focus on keeping manufacturing processes as cost effective as possible. This dual goal presents enormous challenges and we have the proven expertise and experience across multiple food categories to help you achieve better food outcomes and manufacturing savings.

Reduced Waste

Reducing food wastage is a significant commercial objective for all food manufacturers. Earlee Products can help you minimise wastage with our smarter food and processing systems. Our innovative clean label anti-microbial solutions prevent spoilage naturally, giving you safe and chemical-free food protection.

Extended Shelf life

Our customised products help our partners successfully and safely extend the shelf-life of a broad range of food products to drive profitability and reduce spoilage. Ranging from high quality curing systems for hams, to premium shelf-stable bacon pieces and our breakthrough clean and safe anti-microbial range, we can help you manufacture longer-lasting, better quality products.

Portion Control

Controlling portion size directly correlates to improving your margin and reducing food or ingredient wastage. We can customise portion and batch sizes to suit your specific processing requirements. From individual sachets, through to bulk containers or buckets, or cut-to-size frozen Butter Burst Cores, our completely tailored options will minimise waste and maximise profitability.