Processes, Machinery & Interiors

Defending against the growth of Listeria and microbial activity in machinery and interiors is a necessity for all food manufacturers. Earlee Products’ clean label anti-microbial solutions are proven to deliver high-performance during processing and packing, and they also deliver a range of functional and natural benefits. Find out how our innovations can mitigate your risk and improve your manufacturing processes.

How can we customise a better Processes, Machinery & Interiors outcome for you?

Clean label anti-microbial solutions

Earlee Products’ breakthrough proprietary clean label anti-microbial solutions improve the food safety outcomes of processes, machinery or interiors.

Extend shelf life

Extending the shelf life of your products can increase profitability and optimise product integrity through your distribution channels. Our proprietary clean label anti-microbial range delivers safe, quality products with longer shelf lives.