The food and beverage market is changing rapidly as it adapts to global trends, lifestyle changes and rising consumer expectations. Delivering better product performance and integrity are key factors in staying ahead of your competitors.


Earlee Products has been using science and technology to advance the functionality of food products for three decades. We’ll help you create the products that your market wants. With our expertise on your side, and our ingredient innovations improving your products, you can deliver more functional, stable, consistent and cost-efficient results.

Product Integrity

Increasing yield or shelf-life can improve your bottom line, but impacting a product’s integrity can have disastrous long-term results. A processing step which improves taste, but changes a product’s texture can erode brand trust and ultimately product sales. We have the technology, expertise and experience to help solve processing challenges and still maintain the desired product integrity.


Consumer desire for convenience continues to grow with ‘snacking on-the-go’ fast overtaking the sit-down meal. Today, consumers increasingly expect better functionality from snack products, ready-to-eat & kit meals while not compromising the quality eating experience. They want convenience, but also expect nutritious, healthy, filling food that looks, tastes and smells delicious. Earlee Products can deliver on these key criteria plus assist the food service industry in delivering flavoursome options more cost-efficiently.

Shelf-life testing

Our robust shelf-life testing procedures give you certainty that our innovations are safe and of the highest quality and integrity. To ensure compliance we provide Customised Usage Instructions to ensure performance criteria are consistently delivered. Earlee Products strictly adheres to FSANZ guidelines for industry standards, and all microbial and chemical testing is performed in independent, external NATA-accredited laboratories.

Extended Shelf-Life

Our customised systems help our partners successfully and safely extend the shelf-life of a broad range of food products. Ranging from high-quality curing systems for hams, to premium shelf-stable bacon pieces, to our breakthrough clean and safe anti-microbial range, we can help you manufacture longer-lasting, better quality products.

Safety & Compliance

Our partners can be assured that Earlee Products’ proven and stringent QA process delivers safety and compliance at every stage of a product’s journey. From raw ingredients through to end consumption, our focus remains on meeting all industry standards and accreditations, including Safe Food, HACCP & GMP, Eat Safe, SQF, Kosher and Halal.

Earlee Products Food Scientist measuring ingrediants
Earlee Products Product Innovations Rack of Lamb