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Clean & Clear

Consumers are more conscious than ever about making responsible food choices. They want to know more about ingredients and where they come from. They want to know how their food is produced and that it’s healthy, safe and derived from sustainable sources. Our customised Clean & Clear solutions can help you simplify your food labeling, minimise processing, remove artificial ingredients and enhance transparency and authenticity. Get in Earlee to ensure you can give your customers the Clean & Clear food solutions they’re demanding.

Texture & Colour

How much consumers enjoy a food product goes far beyond just the taste. Food is a completely sensory experience that also involves texture, mouthfeel and colour. Interesting texture and colour combinations can give your brand the edge over your competitors, as consumers look for an enhanced eating experience. Get in Earlee to see how you can capitalise on this trend, and take your food to a higher sensory level.

Allergen Control

There is increasing evidence that gut health is strongly linked to the presence of allergens in food products. With more and more people experiencing adverse reactions to allergens, the need for ‘free-from’ or ‘allergen-controlled’ products continues to rise. Quality food alternatives that cater for intolerances to gluten, dairy, soy, FODMAP, lupin ,nuts, egg & fish without compromising on taste are in demand. Get in Earlee to find out how to achieve the perfect balance.


The world is moving at a faster pace every day. The concept of the sit-down meal is being replaced with snacks-on-the-go. Consumers have a rising expectation that these snacks are not only convenient to eat, but are also healthy, filling and nutritious. They want high-protein, low-carbohydrate meal replacements that save them time while still delivering on flavour and visual appeal. Get in Earlee to see how you can capitalise on this ever-growing market.

Healthy & Nutritional Profiles

The nutritional value of food is becoming a vital purchase driver. Consumers are now more educated about the importance of a balanced diet in reducing obesity, preventing disease and providing increased and sustained energy. This trend has lead to a rise in products that are free from artificial preservatives and additives, that feature less sugar, salt and carbohydrates, or have added protein, calcium and botanicals. Get in Earlee to find out how you can improve the nutritional profiles of your products.

Sustainability & Waste Reduction

Consumers’ understanding of sustainability and their environmental footprint is constantly growing. Now more savvy and eco-aware, they’re demanding food products that are not only good for you, but are also environmentally responsible. Food manufacturers need to ensure they’re minimising waste at all levels, from ingredients and manufacturing processes through to packaging, as well as also delivering complete transparency across ingredient provence and the supply chain. Get in Earlee to make sure your brand meets this market need.

Gut Health

Consumers are increasingly recognising the vital role a healthy gut plays in overall well-being. Growing research proving the positive impacts of a healthy gut has fueled a desire for using food to improve digestive health. This has lead to a rise of alternative flours, fermented food with pro- and pre-biotic benefits, and dairy–free products. Get in Earlee to find out how we can customise solutions that help you deliver healthier products.

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