Our value-add product turns a limited time offer into an in-demand permanent line

Earlee Products Food Innovations Butter Steak

The following case study showcases just one successful outcome we’ve achieved for our partners. We have deliberately withheld specific details to maintain partner confidentiality.

The Challenge

One of Australia’s national supermarket chains wanted to trial a limited time offer with one of their steak products. They were seeking a customised, value-add product that met specific criteria.

The outcome needed to be an on-trend flavour profile that enhanced the taste and tenderness of the steak and was made from natural ingredients. With the trial only running for one week, the value-add product had to be visually appealing to drive customer sales quickly. It also had to be portion controlled to minimise wastage and keep their manufacturing processes as cost-effective as possible.

With so many factors to deliver on, they decided to partner with Earlee Products.

Our Approach

The supermarket chain knew of Earlee Products‘ proven experience in innovating unique ingredient outcomes which had helped their partners establish a commercial advantage. They also knew of our premium and versatile Butter Bursts range that was designed to add value to meat products.

Utilising our extensive network of niche food suppliers, we collaborated with our client to customise the perfect outcome: a truffle-flavoured Butter Burst Medallion that was packaged with the steak and added by the consumer at the final cooking stage. We tailored the melt profile, format and size of these medallions to suit our partner’s specific manufacturing processes and national distribution channels.

The Result

Earlee Products‘ truffle-flavoured Butter Bursts met all of the supermarket’s key criteria. Our value-add product was supplied as frozen as pre-cut discs which could be easily packed with the steak portions, leaving no wastage. This all-natural flavour delivery system enhanced the texture and juiciness of the steak and melted to a flavoursome sauce during the cooking process.

The supermarket chain was able to increase the unit price of the steak and promoted it through an in-store catalogue as a seven-day limited time offer. With no other supporting advertising, the truffle butter was so visually appealing that the product sold out across the country in two days.

Based on the success of these sales, the supermarket ran the trial a second time with similar results. The truffle-butter steak has now become a standard, full-line product for the supermarket chain.

A Better Food Outcome

  • A clever, convenient and cost-effective value-add product that commanded a significantly higher retail price point
  • An innovative, on-trend flavour profile that was all-natural and performed consistently
  • Consumer demand for the product exceeded expectations, selling out nationally in less than a week
  • Our value-add outcome was so successful, this limited time offer is now a permanent line

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