Our “Make It Grain” Competition

Announcing the winner of our “MAKE IT GRAIN” competition!

Congratulations to the Junior Scientists and Educators of Burnside State High School on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, you’ve won yourselves an incursion on us!

Starting with just 100gms, the students had to ensure all testing parameters were met while they carefully managed to grow their water kefir grains in optimum conditions to a whopping 4767 grams over the month of August; what an incredible achievement.

Well done to all involved and thanks once again to the team at Street Science for partnering with Earlee Products and supporting the future of food science.

Why kefir…? “There are so many natural health benefits from this popular grain.”

Trish Lindeman, R&D Manager, Earlee Products

Kefir’s history is shrouded in folklore and fervour. The name of the Russian drink believed to dating back at least 1,000 years comes from the Turkish word ‘keyif ‘ which loosely translates to ‘good feeling’ and is said to improve a sense of wellbeing.

High in nutrients and probiotics, kefir is very beneficial for digestion and gut health, containing yeast and bacteria. These microorganisms form colonies in our large intestines and colon area and fight against pathogens and they boost our immune system as well.

Water kefir has a much milder flavour than its milky sibling. It is also made using a scoby, but the bacteria and yeasts feed on carbohydrates instead of lactose. Water kefir can be produced from many liquids, including sugar water, coconut water and soy milk, and is flavoured with fruits, herbs and ginger


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