Earlee Products Earlee Clean & Safe. Naturally Clever Label

The food processing industry has a new, natural way to combat the risk of foodborne pathogens such as Listeria in food products. Earlee Products’ latest innovation is Earlee Control – a high-performance range of clean and clear label solutions providing the highest level of defence against microbial activity.

Using Food to Protect Food

According to Earlee Products’ Founder and Managing Director, Bob Hamilton, this innovation came about because of the growing demand from customers for chemical-free anti-microbial alternatives.

“The commercial and reputational risks posed by gram-positive pathogenic and spoilage bacteria are enormous. Food processors are only too aware of the dangers of food-poisoning organisms like Listeria, Staph Aureus and E. Coli in ready-to-eat foods,” as Bob describes.
“But in combating the risk of these foodborne pathogens, producers still want to preserve the flavour, taste and texture of the food product – all things that are negatively impacted by chemical solutions.
“Our specialist knowledge of science-based food properties led us to believe that we could use food ingredients to control Listeria and other food-borne microbes in food processing. By using food to protect food, we’ve developed a breakthrough formulation that provides effective control against these microbes.”

How Earlee Control was developed

First, potentially suitable food ingredients were screened which, in addition to providing flavour, also possessed a secondary anti-bacterial function.
Hurdle Technology® was then applied to integrate and balance selected well-established food ingredients to provide maximum product safety and product integrity without impacting on flavour or texture.
To achieve this, another significant challenge was overcome – the even distribution of a small amount of active ingredients in the finished products.

A clean and safe solution

The result of this proprietary process is a unique, natural anti-microbial formulation that’s specifically developed for the food processing industry. The Earlee Control range has a low application rate of just 0.3% to 0.5% and is very cost-effective.

General Manager Brett McMullen said that Earlee Control outperforms other clean-label solutions on the market.

“The efficacy of these products is proven. When compared with chemical solutions, Earlee Control is just as effective at controlling bacteria, but is more cost-effective and safer for both employees and machinery. The real difference though, is that our formulation maintains  product integrity and enhances flavour,taste and texture” Brett explains.

“Against other natural alternatives, Earlee Control offers a higher level of anti-microbial defence and it’s also more cost effective. So, Earlee Control is a win-win for food processors.”

The Earlee Control clean & clear range for food surface application

The first two products to be launched in the Earlee Control range are Flav®Fresh  and  Flav®Fresh Rapid

Flav®Fresh is a natural clean label dipping solution that provides full anti-microbial protection in 30 minutes. It’s available in Citrus and Smoke flavours.

Flav®Fresh Rapid is a natural clean label dipping solution that works even faster – in just 15 minutes. This makes it ideal for short-production changeovers and in-line processing temperature changes.

Both products are available in ready-to-use or concentrate formats.

Continuous innovation

Bob Hamilton proposes that these first two products are just the start for Earlee Control.
“We’ve always prided ourselves on being innovative and using technology to drive improvements in the food industry. We’re pleased to announce that we’ll soon be expanding our Earlee Control range. Due for release in 2018, new anti-microbial ingredients for applications within the food  will complement the dipping solutions, plus a fog/spray for non food surfaces.