Our clean label tenderising process enhances the taste and texture of lean poultry

Earlee Products Product Innovations Grilled Chicken

The following case study showcases just one successful outcome we’ve achieved for our partners. We have deliberately withheld specific details to maintain partner confidentiality.

The Challenge

One of Australia’s leading meal manufacturers uses lean chicken as a core ingredient in some of their most popular lines. To process the chicken, the manufacturer was importing the premix and injecting it to the protein prior to cooking. Importing this premix was causing logistical challenges, including time delays, storage space issues and country-of-origin declarations. The premix was also expensive, and the supplier’s high minimum-order volume necessitated a large up-front financial outlay.

More importantly, the premix they were using was over-tenderising the chicken, and considerably altering the integrity of the finished product. The lean protein tasted over-processed and the texture was soft and unformed. The meal manufacturer was facing increasing customer complaints about their chicken meals. In a highly competitive marketplace, they needed to find a way to reverse this dissatisfaction quickly.

Our Approach

Because of Earlee Products‘ proven track record in customising ingredient and processing outcomes for food manufacturers, they approached us to see if we could enhance the quality and tenderness of their lean cooked chicken.

We collaborated to customise the optimal outcome. Using a proprietary blend, we developed a unique, clean label functional dry blend to infuse the raw chicken with moisture and tenderness prior to cooking. The integrity of the finished cooked product was unchanged.

To ensure our innovation would be successful, we assisted our partner to trial the process in our modern Pilot Plant before launching to market.

The Result

Earlee Products delivered a high-quality, clean label and Australian produced outcome for our partner. The end result was lean, natural-tasting chicken that had the perfect bite and mouth-feel.

Timing was a critical issue for this ready-meal supplier as they operated within a specific seasonal-based marketing calendar. Earlee Products was able to customise and test the functional dry blend, and adapt it to their manufacturing equipment all within an eight week period. This enabled our partner to capitalise on their peak consumer demand period.

A Better Food Outcome

  • A trialled and market-ready product in just 8 weeks
  • An highly positive sensory panel evaluation
  • The reformulated injection premix delivered sales which exceeded expectations
  • The locally produced premix significantly reduced costs and the manufacturer’s environmental footprint