Christmas is The Season to be Tasty

Lamb Roll with Prosciutto and Fig, Honey and Sage stuffing core.

“Christmas allows us to showcase exciting flavour combinations from other areas of the market.”

Trish Lindeman, R&D Manager

Davidson Plum used in Earlee Products Christmas dishesAt Earlee we love creating products for the Christmas market.

It allows us to showcase exciting flavour combinations and introduce flavours that cross over from other areas of the market.

One of our favourites, the Davidson Plum has increased in popularity in the last few years along with many other Australian Native ingredients.

It has success in the market with sauces, smoothies, ice cream and yogurt. Its tart and tangy flavour profile works perfectly in our stuffing cores when combined with honey, ginger or other Australian native herbs and spices.

Look for these delicious new festive products in supermarkets this year and get inspired for Christmas 2022.

Turkey stuffed with macadamia and cranberry Christmas dish
Turkey with Macadamia and Cranberry Stuffing
From experience, we know that the Christmas season is the perfect time of the year to develop new ideas and flavour combinations.

Retailers invest more on Christmas products as they know there is great ROI; so high-end ingredients are more viable for this customer segment.

Honey and fig baked brie with specialty stuffing cores, sauce sachets and flavoured butter discsHoney and Fig Glazed Baked Brie Many of the products going to market this Christmas season have several components that Earlee Products have provided.

Our specialty stuffing cores, sauce sachets and flavoured butter discs are truly indulgent products with high sale point.

Earlee Product's three bird roast with cranberry and orange stuffing core 3 Bird Roast with Cranberry and Orange stuffing We have developed a process to suit a variety of sizes for stuffing cores and sauce sachets – being flexible to suit our customer’s wide range of requirements (500kg min order qty).

Our stuffing cores can be developed from practically any ingredient we can source and are perfect for lamb, pork, beef, fish, and even cheeses!

January 2022 is the perfect time to partner with Earlee Products and create your very own tailor-made Christmas flavours, giving your products a unique niche for the next festive food season.

Contact us to create your very own Christmas flavours!

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