Getting in Earlee was a successful decision for this leading snack brand

Earlee Products Improve or Solve Snacks

The following case study showcases just one successful outcome we’ve achieved for our partners. We have deliberately withheld specific details to maintain partner confidentiality.

The Challenge

One of Earlee Products‘ longest-standing partnerships started almost three decades ago. A small business began producing a snack product from a small commercial kitchen. This business was visionary in their goal to create clean label snacking options. Wanting to appeal to health-conscious consumers, they were committed to ensuring their snacks were free from genetically modified ingredients, artificial colourings and preservatives.

When the business started selling this snack at select local outlets, it became extremely popular and consumer demand grew rapidly. But with only a small team and no in-house R&D department, this fledgling business needed to partner with a company that could help them capitalise on their potential.

Our Approach

Earlee Products had been founded just one year earlier in 1989. Then a small business ourselves, we understood the challenges facing a micro-player in the food industry. At this time in Australia, the clean label trend was far from mainstream, but we joined forces with this snack business and used our food technology expertise to develop more natural ingredient options.

We also utilised our knowledge of international food trends to develop new flavour profiles which enabled the business to expand their snack range and gain wider consumer appeal. Every flavour profile we created was commercially viable and met their strict gluten-free, allergen-controlled and vegan-friendly requirements. Our contributions also delivered on their mission to produce quality, clean label snacks that tasted delicious.

The Result

Earlee Products‘ partnership with this Australian brand has spanned almost 30 years. Starting out as a small, local supplier with only one snack product on offer, they now sell 15 different products and have become one of Australia’s most recognised healthy snack brands. Their distribution network now encompasses every major supermarket in Australia, and they are also exporting to the US and Asian markets.

Earlee Products has been evolving with this business every step of their journey. From developing innovative clean label flavour profiles, to reformulating products so they meet specific export requirements, we have helped them grow to become a true Australian success story.

A Better Food Outcome

  • Numerous flavour profiles across several different bases
  • Distribution network has increased from small, local outlets to every major supermarket across Australia
  • Product reformulations meet specific export guidelines for Asian and US supermarkets
  • Every product is clean label, gluten-free, allergen-controlled and vegan-friendly

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