Functional Dry Blends

Earlee Products leads the way in creating functional ingredients and authentic flavour systems that enhance the food and beverage experience. We have the cutting-edge technology and creative excellence to improve taste, texture, appearance and performance to exceed your customers’ expectations.

Premixes: sausage meals, batters, brines, cures

Our extensive and versatile range of ingredient premix blends can be customised to suit your specific purpose and market. From brines that add moisture to meats, to meals that improve the taste, texture and yields of sausages, Earlee Products has the answer to your challenge. Our Premix innovations include:

  • Schinkentec – a premium curing system for hams that delivers a 12-month chilled shelf-life
  • Curing systems and pre-mixes for ham, bacon and smallgoods which improve taste, texture & shelf-life
  • Fresh or cooked sausage premixes including gluten free, low-fat, all-natural, organic and our preservative-free styles
  • Premixes for specialty hamburgers and lean meat rissoles that enhance juiciness
  • Custom premixes for chicken and turkey roll, and chicken nuggets

Dry Sprinkles & Marinades

Strengthen your brand’s appeal by utilising our range of dry sprinkles and dry marinades. These creative innovations can boost authentic flavours and deliver eye-catching colours and texture combinations that will drive initial and repeat purchases. Some of these products include:

  • Customised rubs and sprinkles with eye-catching appearance
  • Powdered glazes which develop into a thick, glossy marinade prior to presentation or sale
  • Powdered marinades which enhance flavour and texture in the finished cooked product
  • Marinating sauces in dry and sliceable formats

Marinade Injection Systems

Earlee Products’ innovative range of functional marinade injection systems will enhance the flavour and moisture of your food products. Our technology provides ingredients with in-built stability throughout the life of the product. This includes cold chain tolerance during raw product storage, handling and retail display, right through to the cooked product. Some of our original systems include:

  • Beef-butter oil injectables for tender and juicy roasts and steaks
  • Premixes which enhance the moisture of whole or cut chickens

Health Benefits

Consumers are increasingly conscious of using food labels to guide healthier food choices. Many actively read, assess and compare labels against current health guidelines before purchasing. Earlee Products can help you tailor your products to fit a specific health or allergen-control category, and still maintain optimum taste and appeal. Some of these categories include:

  • Allergen-control – free from gluten, dairy, soy, lupin, eggs, fish, nuts and FODMAP
  • Low in salt, sugar, carbohydrates or kilojoules
  • Traffic Light Systems for healthy school canteen guidelines
  • Heart tick approvals

Bonding Agents

Minimising food wastage is a key focus for food manufacturers. Cutting primal meat, poultry or seafood into appealing portions often results in offcuts that are too small or the wrong shape to sell whole. Earlee Products’ bonding agent innovations minimise wastage and delivers higher yields. Our meat bonding systems:

  • Pearl Meat Bonds – a range of edible, flavourless and natural powders that bond primal offcuts or non-symmetrical cuts
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