Earlee Products' food manufacturing expert team smiling at podcast recording of a new episode of Inspiring Design with Rashan Senanayake
Earlee Products – Food Manufacturing, Technology & Science Podcast Apparition 

Earlee Products recently had the opportunity to dive into our favourite subject; the Food Industry… and offer some insights about its evolution into an exciting industry with amazing opportunities.

Rashan Senanayake interviewed Earlee Products’ leading experts Trish Linderman (R& D Manager), Lea Reid (Senior Product Development Technologist) and Juju Chen (Product Development/Food Technologist) in a collaboration with Jana Cameron, the President of the Food Industries Association of Queensland (FIAQ), on the new episode of Inspiring Design with Rashan Senanayake.

As a food manufacturing pioneer, Earlee Products has successfully kept ahead of the curve since its creation 30 years ago thanks to our expertise in food safety, industry #innovation, R&D, and product specialisation. Our experts discuss food security, allergen controls and automation.

You can listen to the full episode here:




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