Flavours and Seasonings

Wet & Dry Sprinkles & Coatings

Strengthen your brand’s point of difference by utilising our range of wet and dry sprinkles and coatings. These creative innovations can boost authentic flavours and deliver eye-catching colours and texture combinations that will drive initial and repeat purchases.

Some of our products include:

  • Customised rubs and sprinkles with eye-catching appearance
  • Powdered glazes which develop into a thick, glossy marinade prior to presentation or sale
  • Powdered marinades which are reconstituted in water when needed to enhance flavour and moisture in the finished cooked product
  • Marinating sauces in dry and sliceable formats


We strongly believe that people eat first with their eyes. Visual appeal is a critical factor in differentiating your products and driving sales. Earlee Products has extensive experience optimising natural ingredients to create appealing authentic colours which also allow for easier manufacturing processes. Some of our products include:

  • Roast rubs and colours
  • Colour and flavour combinations for rissoles and meatballs


As eating should be a complete sensory experience, utilising distinctive textures can give your brand the edge over your competitors by offering an enhanced eating experience. We can enhance the texture of your products in multiple ways to maximise market appeal. Our ingredient combinations add tenderness and succulence to meats, increase moisture retention, bind the fat content or perfect the meat bite – all while increasing yields. Whatever you’re trying to achieve, we can customise the ideal texture results.

Stradbroke Honey Powder

This Earlee Products innovation is made with the highest quality Australian honey. Spray-dried for ultimate convenience, Stradbroke Honey Powder is 100% soluble and can be used to add sweetness and transfer a premium honey flavour across a wide variety of food and pharmaceutical applications. Some of these include:

  • Meal and drink bases
  • Snack food products
  • Biscuits and breakfast cereals
  • Pre-mixes for bakery and dairy products, meat, poultry and smallgoods
  • Pharmaceutical preparations such as cough lozenges
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