Flavour Delivery Systems

Our approach to creating flavour delivery systems balances performance with convenience. We consider every aspect from your perspective to innovate new products which enhance flavour, texture and overall appeal, and which also simplify your processing, extend shelf life and minimise wastage.

Butter Burst Range

Earlee Products’ celebrated Butter Bursts range was created to add value through flavour and texture for competitive advantage. Natural, flavourful and incredibly versatile, Butter Bursts can be used for savoury or sweet applications including meat, seafood, protein alternatives, pasta and bakery items. The range is available in a variety of convenient formats (including frozen), and portion-controlled sizes. Our full range includes:

  • Butter Burst Medallions
  • Butter Burst Cores
  • Butter Burst Cheese Melts
  • Butter Burst Sauce Concentrate

Stuffings, Cores & Fillings (Bulk sauces)

Elevate your roasted meats to a new level with our range of stuffings, cores and fillings. From classic flavour combinations through to creative blends of premium artisan ingredients, we can help your products take the lead for taste, tenderness and juiciness. Available in fresh or frozen formats, some of our range includes:

  • Gourmet stuffing cores for chicken, turkey, beef, pork or lamb roasts
  • Butter Burst cores
  • Bulk sauces for filled meat products, either dairy or other liquid based

For even more value-add options, pair with our innovative of Dry Sprinkles & Marinades.