Extended Shelf Life Protein Products

Our customised products help you extend the shelf life of proteins without risk to safety or product integrity. We continue to deliver breakthrough innovations that enable our partners to minimise wastage and spoilage, and provide their customers with superior taste, convenience and health outcomes.

Bacon & Ham Cures

We’ve created many high-quality curing systems for ham, bacon and other smallgoods, including frankfurts, kabanas and knackwursts. Our curing systems safely extend the shelf life of these proteins and contain no added gluten, soybean, starch or MSG. Combined with our complementary clean and clear anti-microbial range, they also provide natural protection against listeria.

Some of our systems include:

  • Schinkentec® – a premium curing system for hams that ensures 24-months shelf-life chilled
  • Curing systems and premixes for ham and bacon and smallgoods
  • Pre-mixes for ready-to-eat smallgoods products (sliced, shaved or diced)


Our revolutionary Baconvenience® innovation offers the ultimate versatility, convenience and value-adding potential. These ready-to-use, quality shoulder bacon pieces are supplied in chilled or ambient formats. Gluten-free and containing no MSG, Baconvenience® can be used as either an ingredient or a garnish, adding flavour and interest to a broad range of dishes. The range is available in several flavours, cut sizes and pack sizes.


Schinkentec® is Earlee Products’ proprietary curing system innovation for hams which achieves extended shelf-life of up to 24 months.

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