Earlee R&D Team uncover exciting new application for our Earlee Control range

Earlee Control demonstrates a breakthrough application for food storage life

Earlee R&D team find anti-microbial solution to extend food freshness in food manufacturingEarlee Products is a leader in food safety, innovation and research leading to positive outcomes for the food industry.

Recently in our head office test kitchen and R&D lab a new application for Earlee’s anti-microbial solution has been shown to extend product shelf-life significantly.

“The result is an innovative, safe, clean and clear label solution that controls growth of foodborne pathogens in food products.”

Brett McMullen, Earlee Products General Manager

Through research and development, a new application for the Earlee Control range has been uncovered. Originally designed for the post cook handling of cooked meat, great results are also being achieved with Value Added raw meat.

Spicy centre-cut pork chops with chillies Juicy Veal Beef Steak Rib Stock made with the raw meat stored using Earlee Control's new solution
 New Earlee Control Application is Cost-Effective Cost Effective Neutral Flavor Safe handling

Suitable for spraying or dipping in any size pieces, and a range of sizes

Earlee Control uncovers a way to extend shelf-life for manufacturers Earlee Control's new application improves the adhesion of rub to the meat surface
  • IMPROVED SHELF-LIFE: spray or dip onto meat prior to adding rub or marinade
  • IMPROVED PICKUP OF DRY RUB: better adhesion of rub to the meat surface
  • CONSISTENT PICKUP: adhesion of rub is consistent across all meat surfaces
  • COST EFFECTIVE: the cost of Flav Fresh is far less than the cost of meat

Earlee Control logo presents clean, safe, and naturally cleverHaving a wide range of customers to cater for, we have created a selection of sizes to suit your application; available in 5lt, 20lt or 1,000lt for large scale use.

Earlee Control is anti-microbial, allergen and sodium free and provides different package sizes for different scale uses
  • Clean label food application
  • Protects product integrity and safety
  • Completely natural anti-microbial
  • Infusions of plant extracts, naturally occurring bioflavonoids and polyphenols
  • Allergen and Sodium free
  • Formulated to prevent the growth of gram-positive pathogenic and spoilage bacteria, yeast and mould

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