Innovative Premium Butter Solutions

Our extensive Butter Bursts range has been specifically created to add value to your meat products.

Today consumers are craving natural, less processed products and a return to butter as an inclusion or sauce helps food processors and commercial kitchens to satisfy this demand and give their products a competitive advantage.

As an excellent flavour carrier, butter can be successfully used to deliver superior product taste using different formats across numerous applications. Our versatile seasoned butter burst range also features traditional, contemporary and customised savoury or sweet flavours & inclusions.

  • Butter Burst Medallions
  • Butter Burst Cores
  • NEW Butter Burst Cheese Melts
  • Butter Burst 60-second Sauces

Introducing Butter Bursts

Seasoned savoury butter-based sauces and gravies perfect for beef, chicken, pork, lamb, seafood and protein alternatives (garlic butter, gravies, sweet toppings, sauces and more).

Butter Burst Cores

A range of seasoned butter cores which add flavour, improve texture and increase moisture to individual serves or roasts of beef, chicken, pork, seafood or protein alternatives.

NEW Butter Burst Cheese Melts

Tasty, quick and casual cheese melts in a wide range of popular customized flavours including traditional cheddar, Monterey Jack, blue cheese and four-cheese. These melts are extremely versatile across bakery, pasta and vegetarian items.

Butter Burst 60-second Sauces

These are the quick, convenient option which are from “fridge-to-plate” in 60 seconds for the chef or consumer. With only five ingredients the sauces are either butter or coconut oil based.


  • Standard or customized individual frozen portion shapes & sizes
  • A frozen bulk format for specific products such as Butter Burst Cores, which can be modified on-site to suit your processing needs.


  • We offer a standard range of classic savoury flavours such as Beef Stroganoff, Butter Chicken, Tomato and Chilli plus sweet flavours
  • We can also partner with you to develop customised trending or traditional flavours that are unique to your products


  • Standard inclusions such as peppercorns and fruit are available
  • Customised inclusions in terms of flavour, shape and size can be tailored to meet your market needs

Flow Characteristics

  • We can incorporate customized flow characteristics to deliver optimal flavour, taste, texture and visual attractiveness

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