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Consumers are more conscious than ever of making responsible food choices and want to know more about the ingredients and production of their food.
“Clean labelling” of products is an indicator of healthy and safe food which focuses on key areas of consumer expectation including ingredients, nutrition and sustainability.
As consumers place significant emphasis on health and wellness they expect to understand as much as possible about food products in order to make responsible choices.
The “clean label” trend has escalated in recent years to better service consumer demand and to allow food manufacturers to market newly developed “clean label” products.

Demand for Clean Label Products

The demand for products viewed as “clean label” has risen substantially in recent years. Recent research estimates global “clean label” food sales will jump from $165 billion in 2015 to $180 billion in 2020.
This reflects the escalating demand for food which is natural, healthy, less processed, free from artificial additives and preservatives, contains fewer ingredients and is environmentally responsible.
Today one in every two consumers in the United States, United Kingdom and Germany frequently read ingredient labels. Significantly, seven out of 10 consumers in the US and UK want to know and understand ingredient lists.

Broader health and nutrition expectations are an integral part of the “clean label” movement.

‘Premium’ Clean Label

Reflecting global trends, almost 70% of Australians are willing to pay a premium for clean label products.

Defining Clean Label

There is no concrete definition for “clean label” which is continually evolving, but there a number of key components which include:
• A simple and short ingredient list
• Ingredients that are “all natural” and contain no chemicals, artificial preservatives, colour, flavour agents or sweeteners.
• Minimally processed ingredients
• Easy to understand
• Transparency … Where do ingredients come from and how are they processed?

The Earlee Products Promise on Clean Labelling

Earlee Products can deliver customised “clean label” solutions for food manufacturers in one of two ways

Clean label solutions:
1)Transformation of a current ingredient to create a clean ingredient label.

2) Total product reformulation to create a clean ingredient label.

Key product & processing benefits:
1) Food safety.
2) Taste, texture and functionality aren’t compromised
3) Improved nutrition.
4) Reduced processing.
5) Cost-effective.

Key “clean label” benefits:
1) No chemical/artificial preservatives/additives (no E numbers).
2) Natural.
3) Reduced number of ingredients per product.
4) Allergen free.

Key ingredient solutions: Starches, phosphates, preservatives, colours, flavours, emulsifiers, flavour enhancers, anti-oxidants, anti-caking agents, thickeners, stabilisers, food acids, high intensity sweeteners and sugar substitutes, nitrite alternative

Key ingredient applications:

• Meats, Poultry and Seafood
• Sauces
• Marinades

Experience and expertise:
• Solutions are costed on a project basis.
• Every customised solution creates product and processing value
• Formulation functionality is maximised

Contact us to find out how we can help you with a clean label solution.

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