Clean Label Products

The demand for clean label products has risen substantially in recent years. Consumers are actively making more responsible food choices and want to know more about the ingredients in their food, and how it is produced. Earlee Products’ in-depth understanding of this global trend and our technical and creative expertise enables you to meet this consumer demand across a broad range of food and beverage categories.

Allergen Control, Artificial Preservative & Additive Free

Whether you want to replace an additive with a natural preservative, or switch e-numbers on your labels to familiar pantry ingredients, we can customise the ideal product. We focus on applying our expertise to make your products healthier, safer and more appealing by using natural ingredients which perform optimally. We can do this in one of two ways:

  • By transforming your current ingredient to create a clean-label alternative
  • By totally reformulating your product to create a clean ingredient label