Clean Label Anti-microbial Solutions

Earlee Products is at the forefront of clean label anti-microbial products – from food processing and ingredient applications, to machinery and interiors. Our innovations can be customised to suit your specific products and processes, while delivering food safety outcomes naturally without compromising on quality, flavour or texture.

Processing / Earlee Control range

Earlee Control is the proven way to minimise bacteria risk in food processing. This innovative, high-performance range provides the highest level of defence against Listeria and microbial activity. Our proprietary formulation offers a completely clean and clear label option which prevents the growth of foodborne pathogens in food products.

Our range includes:

•  Flav®Fresh & Flav®Fresh Rapid – Safe, clean label dipping solutions for cooked or marinated food products which deliver anti-microbial protection.

•  Listerbloc – A blend of anti-bacterial food ingredients formulated to prevent the growth of gram-positive pathogenic and spoilage bacteria, yeasts and moulds.

Machinery & Interiors / Earlee Control range

Our unique Earlee Control range offers food manufacturers proven, high-performance defence against the growth of Listeria and microbial activity in machinery and interiors. These clean label anti-microbial products are convenient, easy to apply, completely safe for employees, and deliver multiple functional benefits.

Our Machinery and Interior range includes:

•  Listerbloc Lube – An edible oil lubricant, infused with natural, anti-bacterial food ingredients formulated with bacteriostatic properties to inhibit the growth of Listeria in food equipment, seals and brushes.

•  Listerbloc SWF – A spray/fog solution for the control of Listeria and microbial activity on floors, walls and doors in food preparation areas.

Bio Protect

Bio Protect is an eco-friendly and highly effective treatment for the safe control of listeria and the build-up of fats, oils and grease in drains. This powerful innovation eliminates bacteria and mould, and controls ammonia and hydrogen sulphide odours in food preparation areas. Non-hazardous and non-corrosive, it is completely safe for employees.