Clean, Healthy, Sustainable

The global push towards more natural and healthier food products which are derived from sustainable sources continues to grow. Research is proving that consumers are reading ingredient labels more than ever, and are basing their purchase decisions on products containing fewer and more easily recognisable ingredients. Use our expertise to make sure your products and processing are giving your target market what it wants.

Clean Label

Earlee Products is at the forefront of clean label products for ingredient applications. Our innovations can be customised to suit your specific products and processes and deliver food safety outcomes naturally that don’t compromise on quality, flavour or texture.

Product Integrity

Earlee Products sources only high-quality ingredients from approved and trusted suppliers. Our rigorous testing and monitoring processes ensure the quality, freshness and integrity of each ingredient is maintained throughout any processing. This gives you certainty that the taste, colour and functionality of your final food product will be preserved at all stages.

Fewer Ingredients

Simplifying your labels comprises both reducing the number of ingredients and making those ingredients more recognisable to consumers. Earlee Products can help you do both. We scrutinise each ingredient to ensure it’s essential for product functionality and is performing optimally in the formulation. By making your ingredients work harder, we can customise a more natural outcome.

Allergen Control

Consumer demand for ‘free-from’ or ‘allergen-controlled’ products continues to increase. We help food manufacturers by creating innovative alternatives that cater for intolerances to gluten, dairy, soy, lupin, eggs, fish, nuts and FODMAP but still deliver taste and quality. Our allergen-controlled products are independently verified to protect your customers and your brand.

Artificial preservative & E-number-free

Whether you want to replace a chemical additive with a natural preservative, or switch e-numbers on your labels to familiar pantry ingredients, we can customise the ideal option. We focus on applying our expertise to make your products healthier, safer and more appealing by using natural ingredients that perform optimally.