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Butter is a contender for the flavour of the month … or maybe even flavour of the year!

In the past 12 months, increased retail butter sales have reflected a market attracted to the traditional dairy product’s natural characteristics, superior taste and cooking functionality.

Retail sales increased 1.9% by volume to 26,360 tonnes, while total sales sky-rocketed by 12.2% to 242 million. During the period, the average price of butter increased by $0.85 per kg to $9.20 per kg [1].

Australians are not only consuming more butter, they are prepared to pay for it. 

Reflecting this trend, food processors are increasingly focused on using butter to gain a market edge. Recent research by Innova Market Insights revealed that from 2013-2017 the number of global launches with butter as an ingredient surged by 15 per cent (CAGR)[2].


The swing back to butter has been influenced by recent findings in health and nutritional science relating to health risks associated with saturated fats and butter. Once considered a ‘bad fat’, several studies have shown the consumption of saturated fats may not be directly responsible for cardiovascular disease [3]. At the same time there is growing consumer demand for natural, less processed products resulting in an increased preference for butter vs the more processed vegetable oil substitutes such as margarine. Butter’s resurgence may also be partially due to growing interest in what are considered real, authentic foods as well as an increasing body of research on the benefits of dairy fats.


Butter is an excellent flavour delivery system and allows manufacturers and food service operators to add value by improving overall taste and texture of meat products. The addition of butter satisfies consumer demand for more flavour, convenience, fewer processed and more natural ingredients.


Earlee Products has introduced a range of high quality, natural, versatile and value-added, butter-based products for both the food processing and food service industries.

Our Butter Bursts’ range of flavours and inclusions are delivered in  savoury, sweet, classic and contemporary formats or customised  for your needs.

The advantages of the range include convenience (customised portion shapes and sizes), reduced wastage, storage (frozen), versatility and improved processing and kitchen hygiene.

Contact us to discover how our innovative Butterburst range can transform your products!


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