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Earlee Products has been a leader in the food manufacturing industry for nearly 30 years. Innovation runs through our DNA and our unique process for identifying and responding to consumer trends, combined with our technical expertise, drives our customised food products. Earlee Products became a recognised supplier to both national and international food manufacturers thanks to our use of science and creativity to create, solve challenges, and develop opportunities.

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Dry & Liquid Food Processing

At Earlee Products our team specialises in food processing across a wide range of food types. From dressings to sauces, and pancake mixes to soups, we always control the quality of food processing to the highest level with innovative products developed by our R&D team.

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Anti-microbial innovation for food surface application

A safe, clean label dipping solution that delivers full anti-microbial protection in just 30 minutes.

  • A safe, natural, clean label dipping solution
  • Delivers full anti-microbial protection in 30 minutes
  • Suitable for a range of meats, seafood and salads (see table below)
  • Available in Smoke or Citrus flavour
  • A safe, natural, clean label dipping solution
  • Delivers full anti-microbial protection in just 15 minutes
  • Suitable for a range of meats, seafood and salads (see table below)
  • Perfect for short production changeover, processing to packing times and in-line processing temperature changes
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Your Applications

Your products, challenges and opportunities are unique. Collaborate with Earlee to see how our expertise and innovations can deliver an optimal solution for any application.

Ready Meals

Premium Snackfood

Seasoning Powders

Fresh Meat


Meat Stuffings

Dry Blends




Sauces & Marinades


Extend Your Products' Shelf Life

With years of experience in the food industry, our R&D team can assist you to apply a wide range of clean label solutions for various foods, extending their shelf life. The services we offer include food processing, ingredient innovation and custom packaging.

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Food Manufacturing Performance & Solutions

What area of business are you looking to improving next? You name it, we fix it.

We Help Our Partners Explore The Food Possibilities

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Our Latest Projects

Our expert team will support you every step of the way to ensure your innovation works optimally before commercialisation. Fully equipped and Safe Food accredited, our facilities give you convenience, flexibility and product assurance before hitting the market.

Our clean label tenderising process enhances the taste and texture of lean poultry

Our value-add product turns a limited time offer into an in-demand permanent line

Getting in Earlee was a successful decision for this leading snack brand

Our Popular Food Innovations

Earlee Products exels in contributing popular innovations to the food industry.

A safe alternative, Oreginal®️ is a functional blend of herb and plant extracts that maintains product integrity and and can extend shelf-life.

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Butter Bursts®️
Flavourful and versatile, Butter Bursts®️ add value to your meat products, and give your food a competitive advantage.

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These gluten and MSG free Australian premium bacon pieces add flavour to your dish as an ingredient or garnish.

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Schinkentec Ham Technology®️
Our proprietary two-stage curing system innovation for hams ensures a 12-month chilled shelf life.

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Earlee Control™ range
Earlee Products is at the forefront of clean label anti-microbial solutions – from food processing and ingredient applications, to machinery and interiors. Our Earlee Control innovations can be customised to suit your specific products and processes, while delivering food safety outcomes naturally without compromising on quality, flavour or texture.

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Pearl Meat Bonds®️
Earlee Products’ bonding agent, Pearl™️, minimises wastage and delivers higher yields.

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Boost your food business competency with our team.

Our Expert Team

We’re problem solvers, solution finders and opportunity creators. Our in-depth expertise is proven to deliver technically superior ingredient innovations and outcomes that can enhance your competitive advantage. At Earlee, nothing is done in isolation. We expertly consider every facet of your food production and supply chain, before designing the optimal customised solution to improve your food and beverage products. Our ingredients and processing techniques help our partners successfully respond to consumer demand, improve cost-efficiencies and enhance the performance of their products.

Our R&D Team - Your Innovation Hub

From concept to finished product, our R&D Team balances creativity with technical excellence to make your food better. We can help you achieve better taste and texture, enhanced quality and consistency, and superior performance and functionality. We can achieve more effective and cleaner anti-microbial defence and create clean-label alternatives for new and existing ingredients. We can also help you produce quality products free from allergens or additives without compromising on what your customers love. And we are Halal and Kosher accredited. In doing all of this, we never lose sight of your commercial realities, ensuring that our alternatives also drive manufacturing efficiencies, improve yields, reduce cost and wastage, and extend shelf-life.

Our approach is always agile, bespoke and responsive, so you can capitalise on new opportunities quickly. Additionally, we are Halal and Kosher accredited.

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Earlee Products Quality Assurance Team

Our QA Team - Accountable, Responsible, Ethical & Safe

We monitor, analyse and test every raw ingredient, customised sample and finished product in our facility for quality, traceability and safety. Our consistent QA performance is proven by our Safe Food, HACCP & GMP, Eat Safe and SQF accreditations.

  • Every ingredient is sourced from approved and trusted suppliers.
  • Our ordering and warehousing approach ensures only the freshest ingredients are used in your products
  • We maintain a HACCP program which is independently audited by several industry-recognised associations.
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Our expert team will support you every step of the way to ensure your innovation works optimally before taking it to commercial scale-up. Fully equipped and Safe Food accredited, this facility gives you convenience, flexibility and product assurance before going to market.

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