Functional Dry Blends

At Earlee Products we use only the highest quality ingredients and seasonings to make good food… GREAT!

High quality functional ingredients and authentic flavours systems are key to consumers’ experience of taste, texture, appearance as well as performance of food and beverage products.

Combined with our reputation as proven innovators, we have the technology to make us one of the most advanced manufacturers of ingredients and food premixes in the Southern Hemisphere – with a product base that reflects a fresh and modern approach to current trends in the marketplace.

Consumers’ needs, together with lifestyle alternatives are driving ever-increasing changes in global food and beverage markets. New international food experiences and trends, as well as a growing preference for healthy yet convenient and allergen-free foods, challenges us creatively and technically to develop products that meet these criteria.

Earlee Products offers a complete range of innovative products incorporating imaginative ingredient blends and manufacturing methodology essential in creating a real point of difference that will exceed your customers’ expectations.


Innovation & NPD

Earlee Products’ team of talented technical staff and qualified chefs are enthusiastic about the challenge of designing bespoke products which surpass your customers expectations.

With over 300 years combined experience in the food industry encompassing international experience in food science and technology, food processing and engineering as well as chemistry and cookery.

Our goal is to provide a service that is immediately responsive to client’s requests, and delivers a result that exceeds all aspects of the brief, every time.

Please contact us today and let us assist you in making good food GREAT!