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Processed Meats

We have developed a range of moist and tender marinades for steaks and oven-ready, full muscle beef, lamb and pork roasts all formulated with extended shelf life capabilities including Listeria control. Their appeal is heightened when they are topped with our classic ButterBurst medallions.

Our work has centred on several new functional (moisture and flavour enhanced) marinade injection systems with complementary sprinkles/rubs.

The built-in stability of these products follows through not only to the cooked article, but gives cold chain tolerance during raw product storage, handling and retail display.

Truly novel, juicy, tender Tropicana and Butter Beef liquid vegetable and butter oil injected roasts and steaks are possible with our specialty ingredients and technology.

Fresh sausage premixes including gluten free, low-fat (ProLite), all-natural, organic and our preservative-free styles are available.

Premixes for specialty hamburgers and lean meat rissoles (juiciness-enhanced with natural fat-replacing ProLite gel) for the retail trade.

Red Meats

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