Earlee Developed Speciality Products

Schinkentec Cured Ham Technology

A breakthrough in ham processing ensuring 12 months shelf-life chilled – even with reduced salt and sugar. Great taste and reduced waste are added benefits.

Full-flavoured, traditional seasoned butters made from the highest quality ingredients, incorporating all the classic herbs and spices. Processed to provide much longer shelf-life than their kitchen equivalents, Earlee Products’ ButterBursts range also offer convenience and versatility with products available in a variety of consistencies and portion sizes.


Smoked, full-flavoured shoulder bacon – requiring no refrigeration. This award-winning Earlee Products innovation is ideal for use as an ingredient or garnish for everything from Quiches to salads, or any dish that calls for delicious full-flavoured bacon bits.

Stradbroke Honey Powder

A convenient spray-dried, premium Australian honey powder with applications in a wide variety of foods and pharmaceutical products due to its convenient form.


A blend of natural, anti-bacterial food ingredients, including infusions of plant extracts from fruits , herbs and spices, formulated to prevent the growth of gram-positive pathogenic and spoilage bacteria, yeasts and moulds – and particularly effective against Listeria mono.


An innovative natural fat replacement developed by the CSIRO and commercialised as a ready-to-use gel for use in the meat industry. The nature of ProLite means manufacturers can now produce burger-mince, sausages and other processed meats with all their juicy flavour and taste – but with next to no fat.


Pearl E – An edible, flavourless powder, designed to bond raw, non-symmetrical, primal meat cuts for better steak portion control. It contains only natural proteins and amino acids, salt and mineral salts without the need for proteolytic enzymes. It is not applicable for use on trim or diced meat.

Pearl G – A classic sodium-alginate/calcium salt reaction used to set meat pieces together. Seasonings are usually applied separately as a coating, to prevent the bonds breaking down – as water-holding agents such as salt and phosphates reverse the bonding reaction.

Pearl T – An enzyme based cold-set meat bonding system which bonds non-symmetrical primal meat cuts for better steak portion control. It is not applicable for use on diced beef or beef trim.

Oreginal Powder

One of our latest developments at Earlee Products, Oreginal Powder is a blend of natural herb, spice and fruit extracts designed to replace sodium metabisulphite in fresh sausages and burgers – with a longer shelf-life and a preservative-free status as benefits to products.


An Earlee-developed brine dispersible carrageenan gum which makes beef, lamb and chicken even more succulent. Convenient and easy, this low – allergen formulation disperses smoothly, without dust or lumps and ensures long-lasting water retention, even after freezing.